Grandstream GXW4216 - 16 Port FXS Analogue VoIP Gateway


Product Code: GRA9H20J68

Manufacturer: Grandstream Network

Stock Level: 20

The Grandstream GXW4216 is a device that can be used to connect analog phones and faxes to a VOIP network. The Grandstream GXV4216 has 16 FXS ports. The Grandstream GXW4216 is a VoIP gateway that allows you to connect legacy devices to the VoIP network.

The Grandstream GXV4216 gives excellent voice quality that increases the productivity of the employees. The Grandstream GXV4216 is easy to set up and install with ease of manageability and configurations.

The Grandstream GXV4216 supports stutter tone when you have a voice mail waiting or when call forwarding has been activated. The Grandstream GXV4216 supports automatic configuration using TR-069 or XML configuration files. The Grandstream GXV4216 has over voltage and over current protection so that it protects the device from sudden bursts of high voltage or current. If you have many legacy devices, you do not have to get rid of them and lose your investment in your infrastructure. You can just buy the Grandstream GXW4216 and make use of those legacy devices. The audio quality is excellent so that the employee can hear every word that the other person is saying.  

 What’s in it for you?                                                                                                   

  • 16 * Telephone FXS ports with RJ11
  • 50-pin Telco connectors that allows you to connect multiple voices or data lines for telecommunications.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and a backlit 128x32 graphic display with support for multiple languages
  • 4 SIP Server profiles per system and independent SIP account per port High-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) that lets the user clearly see what is shown on the display screen.
  • Supports visual message waiting for indicator (VMWI) that lights up a LED when you have a voicemail message.
  • Supports 128ms tail length line echo cancellation so that you will not hear a repetition of words.
  • Supports flexible dialling plans which enable abbreviated extensions to be expanded into E.164 numbers. 

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